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Confetti questionnaire

Winemakers are the true heart of Confetti. That’s why this year we decided to place them in the very center of attention on our stage.


To learn more about them and from them. To get to know their opinions and predictions.


We’ll ask the producers the same set of questions that we have called a Confetti Questionnaire – and we are sure their answers will shape a fascinating, glimmering mosaic, offering a unique glimpse into depths of a multifaceted universe of natural wine!    

Plus, we're live steaming and recording it and sharing it with an even larger audience after the festival!




  1. What are you looking for in wine?

  2. What is “that cool thing” in wine that everybody loves but you don’t?

  3. What is the most important thing that wine gives you?

  4. If it wasn’t for the wine, what would it be?

  5. What future does wine have? What do we need to save it from? And how?


All conversations will be held in English.

On our stage

Agricola Foradori (Myrtha)

Cantina Ribelà (Daniele)

Christian Tschida

Horst Hummel

Katla Wines (Jas)

Levente Major

Naboso (Nadja/Andrej)

Nizio Naturals (Karol)

Pinyolet Vinyaters (Josep)

Slobodne Viniarstvo (Miso)

Strekov 1075 (Zsolt)

Valli Unite (Francesca)

Winnica Barczentewicz (Kamil)

Winnica Kosmos (Michał/Piotr)

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